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Dr. Pierce’s Modern Cure

You’ll feel like a million bucks.

48hr (now Longshot), May, 2010


Dialing for Dollars

The arrival of the mobile application store is about to change the way you use your phone, and the industry that makes it., April 20, 2009


Seriously Funny

Legendary folklorist Alan Dundes took jokes to another level

California, March/April, 2009



The Animal that Taught Me Things and Changed Lives

McSweeney’, April 1, 2009

A New Kind of Economic Stimulus

Prying open government data coffers will do more than increase transparency. It will be a boon for business., February 17, 2009

Play Nice

A peaceful video game’s virtual reality

Mother Jones, September/October 2006

O say, ma, been laden forever!

Working with your phone company, skilled NSA operatives are rounding up evil terrorists who speak Islamofascist jive.

Salon, May 12, 2006

The Homeland Security To-Do List

Start by fixing the “rainbow of doom.”

The Los Angeles Times, March 7, 2005

(with Martha Baer and Katrina Heron)

Missile Defense

The Maginot Line Metaphor

Seed, Fall 2004

(Reprinted in French: Une ligne Maginot imaginaire, Courrier International, May 4 2005)

Six Brilliant Megawatt Ideas

A few very smart people came up with some very smart ways to curb our energy needs. You can even try them at home.

OnEarth, Spring 2004

The Art of Doublespeak

How do you teach conservative Republicans to talk about the environment? Political consultant Frank Luntz has the answer.

OnEarth, Summer 2003