Men’s Journal


Fill ‘Er Up With Algae

Corn ethanol turns out to be a terrible idea, but a new generation of biofuels is nearly ready for the pump.

December, 2008


Feed Your Head (or, How Fighter Pilots Stay Sharp)

Popular with air force pilots, ER docs, and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs as a stay-awake drug, Provigil also appears to enhance brain function.

November, 2008


The $400,000 Time Machine

When the founder of Swiss company de Grisogono set out to create a mechanical digital timepiece, he wasn’t sure it would work. It did. Behold the Meccanico dG.

September, 2008


Your Personal Crystal Ball

A small sample of DNA is all it takes to find out what the future holds for your health. But do you want to know?

August, 2008


Environmental Affairs: Yellowstone’s Grizzly Debate

The grizzly population in Yellowstone is booming, but what happens when it loses Endangered Species protection?

July, 2006