Wait, this is still here?

I guess information really does live forever on the Web! Well, then it’s probably prudent for me to provide some sort of update, just in case someone happens upon this via AltaVista or HotBot and is concerned that I’ve done nothing for the last 10 months but perfect my frozen dark and stormy recipe. Which I have.

But I’ve done other things, of arguably lesser import but requiring greater effort. Most time consumingly: In January, I repurposed my old URL for this very site in the service of a new digital longform journalism venture, The Atavist. It turned out that some people liked the thing, and we decided to keep on doing it. I also wrote a story for The Atavist, the true story of a strange and elaborate cash heist in Stockholm.

Meanwhile, a couple of my ridiculously long-term efforts finally landed in actual, old-fashioned print pages. In February, National Geographic published a story about animal domestication that I’d been at for two years, and for which I traveled to Siberia to check out one of the world’s most intriguing scientific experiments: the fox-farm domestication project. A couple months later I finished up an 14-month-in-the-making, 9,000-word story for The New Yorker about the FBI, confidential informants, a pretend prince, and a Congressman. It came out in May (and is not yet online except for subscribers). The story was based on thousands of pages of documents and over 100 interviews. The Congressman didn’t care for it. But his critiques were a bit off. We also published a kind of alternate ending, far more mysterious than the print version, online.

And now we’re up to date. I’d apologizing for not posting more, in the tradition of such posts, but I never posted much so it wouldn’t seem sincere.

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