Vanish-related media sightings

In advance of my upcoming piece in Wired recapping my effort to Vanish, I can be found hawking it in multiple mediums this week. First, tonight, live on CNN’s Campbell Brown Show at 8:30 pm. [UPDATE: It’s not terribly easy to find, but the video from this is available at the site. (You’ll have to click the “On TV” button and then go to the Campbell Brown show.)]

Then, this Saturday, on Weekend All Things Considered, in a piece by reporter Alex Cohen. [UPDATE: Here’s the link to the piece.]

I’ll post clips if and when I get my hands on them. In the meantime, here’s a recap of some of the other stories about the whole thing, from during and after:

When the contest was launched, a number of hacker sites, reality game-related blogs, and other online forums and bloggers wrote it up, including Grant Hamilton, who made an interesting meta-media comparison to the find-that-guy promotions used by newspapers in Graham Greene’s Brighton Rock. Slashdot noticed it, resulting in a fascinating and occasionally funny stream of comments.

Online news services started picking it up. CNET reported on the suspension of my Twitter account, which was eventually lifted after some typically poor Twitter customer service. dove in with a long piece. Discover compared it to a real live “Where’s Waldo.” A Seattle Times columnist noted my living it up on $17 drinks at the Viceroy in L.A. called it “the case of the missing Wired writer.”

As the hunt started picking up, my editor Nick Thompson appeared on NPR’s national show “On the Media,” as well as local programs in around the country. One of the hunters interviewed Nick and Teeuwynn Woodruff from Lone Shark Games for a podcast, digging for clues.

Meanwhile, while in L.A. I snuck my way into a series of man-on-the-street interviews about swine flu with Amanda Congdon for She followed up with another video, and then posted some raw footage of the encounter.

As we headed toward the dramatic conclusion, KSL5 TV in Salt Lake City told people to watch out for me at the U.S. soccer game. Syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. mused about getting away in the modern age.

After I got caught in New Orleans, followed up with a recap, as did NPR’s “On The Media.” talked to Jeff Reifman, my nemesis, to find out how he did it. Nick and I appeared on Live, me with my head newly shorn. Chris Rose of the New Orleans Times Picayune covered the New Orleans angle. Slashdot revisited the whole thing, and the commenters took a few more good shots. I got a little shout out from my celiac compatriots for bringing attention to the condition.

Reifman told his side of the capture at NewsCloud, and then rounded up the contest’s media appearances, which I am now further rounding up.

But left out of all of this, of course, was what the hell I was up to that whole time. For that story, you’ll have to check out the December Wired…